Letters from Santa Claus - The Joy of Christmas

Every childs face lights up at the thought of Santas visit !

One of the wonders of Christmas time is the excitement and anticipation of children.

As Christmas Day draws near, they eagerly await Christmas eve and the long awaited visit by Santa Claus to fill their stockings up and leave presents under the Christmas tree.

Write A Letter To Santa

Children of all ages love writing a letter to Santa Claus !

At Christmas time, why not get your kids to put pen to paper and write their very own letter.  Not only is it fun and exciting, but it's also great practice at learning to put their thoughts on to paper.

They'll enjoy thinking of what to write and what gifts they'd like to ask for.  However, for many children, this is their first real experience of letter writing, so they'll also need some help from their parents or a teacher.

Be prepared to help them with the simple art of letter writing - from a short hello, a bit of chat about family & friends, then the all important task of asking for that special Christmas gift.

Printable Letters From Santa

Once your child has mailed their letter - they'll be eagerly awaiting a reply.

There are dozens of sites offering to send a personalized letter for your children for under $5, whichever country you live in - USA, Canada, England or just about anywhere in the world.

However, the free option is to either download a simple template or to get inspiration from a few examples and create your own.

If you have Adobe Reader, you can download a printable letter from Santa for your child by clicking the link.

Keeping In Touch With Christmas Letters

The traditional holiday letter continues to evolve - with the digital age making the incorporation of photographs cheap and easy.

With the advent of social networking sites, such as Facebook, or Youtube, it's easy to share images and news with friends, however far distant they may be.

Though they seem to be straight forward to write, browsing a few Christmas letter samples may be just what you need to get those brain cells working and ideas flowing.  We've scoured the internet for creative & interesting examples to inspire you.

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