A Funny Christmas Letter - Holiday Humour

Want to write something amusing and inspiring for your letter this year ? 

If you're fed up with sending out routine letters with all your family news, how can you add a touch of humour to spread Christmas cheer to your family and friends?

It may need a little more preparation than what you usually write, but you can be assured that a well written humorous letter will be remembered long after all those other long letters of annual updates have been forgotten.

Here's our tips:-

  • add humorous anecdotes or stories - perhaps some of the less glamorous happenings from the past year
  • take a different point of view - perhaps from the families youngest or newest member 
  • write about all the things that haven't happened - what birthdays have you ignored, what illnesses haven't you had,etc
  • use lymerics, poems & poetry - there are some simple short poems that you could probably use instead of all that news, as well as being more effective and concise
  • write your own limerick - easy to include something amusing or bizarre in something you write yourself (check out these examples)

Here's some ideas of what some creative families have come up with to amuse their friends & family in the stressful & busy pre-Christmas weeks:-

  • tell the story of the year from the point of view of the dog
  • write a spoof letter - no more fabulous vacations, wonderful jobs, and perfect kids
  • write a letter from the alternative, perfect family, here's our favourite, http://www.richardfrench.net/2008/12/05/a-funny-christmas-letter/
  • "blooper" photos added to your letters - the photos that will never make it to the photo album
  • create an Animoto video with your photo album and send it to friends & family via email or your favorite social networking site (e.g. Facebook)
  • use the trial option at Article2Video.com to create your own Christmas message

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