Writing A Christmas Letter

Stuck for good ideas of what to write in your annual holiday letter?

This holiday tradition can be in addition to the traditional cards, or instead of, if you prefer.

Writing a brief summary of your news to enclose with your holiday Christmas card is a good idea - it keeps those we love - distant friends and relatives - in touch with what's happening in our lives.

But, how to make it interesting, fresh and easy to read?  What to write ?

If you've forgotten about the highlights of the past year, try talking with family members, looking at the diary, getting out the photo album to help remind you of all that's happened.

Some will be milestones - births, graduations, special birthdays, deaths, major achievements,  new jobs - these are easier to remember.

But there will also be some fun anecdotes or special moments from the year that you can sift through -and choose maybe just one to include. 

If you're an organised person, why not create a Word document on your Desktop and add to it when there are special or memorable events throughout the year.  This certainly would give you a headstart when it comes to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for the annual family letter in December.

Christmas Letter Samples & Templates

Here's some examples of how to make what you write interesting .

No-one wants to receive dozens of boring "Merry Christmas" letters , so take a few tips & ideas from these examples to add spice to what you write this holiday season.

Helpful Resources

Printable Letters from Santa Claus - just download, personalise and print