Christmas Letter 2012 - Ideas For Sharing Your News

Need fresh inspiration for writing an interesting letter this year ?

For many people, the annual letter is their only communication with friends and family, the once a year way to catch up on all the news.

How To Write a Fresh & Interesting Christmas Letter

Fed up with writing the same old stuff each year? Wanting to try something different for 2012 ?

Here's our tips for making your letter the one people enjoy reading this holiday season:-

  • Be brief - with dozens of letters arriving on peoples doormats during the busy festive season, make it easy for people to catch up on your news
  • Be upbeat - whatever has happened this year, this is time to take a positive and, if possible, humorous view on it. Did the car break down and need replacing - smile and share it!
  • Include photos or clipart - everyone likes to see up to date pictures, and this will probably make it a keepsake memento for the recipient .  Clipart livens up a page of plain text for your readers.
  • Include everyone - write a line or two of news for every member of the family on their achievements over the past year
  • Send festive greetings - finish by wishing your readers a wonderful holiday season

If you can afford to print in colour, so much the better.  Otherwise, print on coloured paper, perhaps red or green, to fit in with the festive theme. 

Creating Your Own Youtube Christmas Card Greeting

Here's one families answer to creating an unusual way of communicating with friends and family:-

This could be a fun way of creating a special greeting - and would probably be especially well received if you have young children or a baby that has yet to visit relatives.

If you have access to the technology, this could be a great way of keeping everyone in touch - simply paste a link to it on your favorite social networking site, Facebook, Friends Reunited, Friendster, LinkedIn or on your personal blog.