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My name is Jennifer Carter.  I started this website because as a family we have always enjoyed the magic of Christmas, especially the wonder of Santa's visit on Christmas night. 

We started the business back in 2005 and always taken pride in the  relationship we have with our customers.

Below are all our contact details. You can reach us by phone, by e-mail or by conventional post - whatever is easiest for you.

Phone: 44-1980-610047

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Just4Today Ltd, St Mary's House, Netherhampton, Salisbury, SP2 8PU, United Kingdom  (Company No 05937451)

About Us

With a Swedish heritage for part of the family, our festive celebrations tend to focus around the visit of Father Christmas on Christmas Eve to visit and hand out presents to the children.

One year he even turned up on a four wheel bike, as one of the reindeer was too poorly to make the journey!

The joy of Christmas morning with a family breakfast, the smiles on the childrens faces as they pull all the gifts from their stockings and the anticipation of opening the huge mountain of presents stacked under the beautifully decorated tree - there's little to compare with this special occasion!

As Christians, we have tried to ensure that this site is family friendly - if you see anything that you feel is inappropriate - please do get in touch.

We certainly have a lot of fun writing for it, researching information, finding great ideas & templates , helping children to enjoy and celebrate their Christmas holiday.

View my Linked In profile, Jennifer Carter 1, for more information on our business.

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