Want To Email Santa Claus ?

This Christmas why not update & email Santa instead of writing a letter ?

Kids will love to email Santa - not only does it use the latest technology, but you'll probably get a quicker reply - and no problems waiting for the mail to arrive!

(Thankfully no-one has given out Santas mobile phone number, so we're not able to text him, that'd be the ultimate in new technology!)

Of course, all the usual ingredients need to go into writing him a letter, even if you are using the internet.  Read our tips on writing to Santa for ideas on what to include, if you're stuck for words.

Not sure what his email address is? 

Here's a few sites that can help you whizz off an email this holiday season:-

Email Santa - unbelievably, Santa replies to every email faster than a reindeer can fly!

North Pole Mail - send a few words directly off to the North Pole post office

Festive Resources

Sample Letters - download & customise sample text for your child

Santa Printables - download easy to print letters in PDF and Word (.doc) format.