Kids Santa Letters

Sometimes children say the funniest things and what they write in letter can downright hilarious!

Nothing is so amusing as those genuinely innocent comments that children and make, that parents and family members treasure and save up, ready to retell on their wedding day. 

Hilarious Howlers & Funny Moments

Here's some of the funny things that kids have written when they set to write Santa their annual letter:-

"I have tried to be very good all year, I only messed up a few times, but I tried my best, and thats what my mom and dad said counts." Heather

"I saw reindeer footprints on the roof last year" Chris

"You are very good at keeping quiet on christmas eve, but I know you`re there" Edwina, age 8

Writing A Letter to Santa

Whether a child is old enough to write their own letter, or simply would like to draw the presents that they would like from Santa, this can be a wonderful family tradition for children of all ages.

Sitting down one weekend in early December, once the excitement of Thanksgiving has died down is probably a good time. 

What you'll need:-

  • pen or felt tip (why not treat them to a gold or silver pen, they'll feel so special and it'll make writing fun !)
  • paper to practice on
  • special holiday paper - or some stickers to decorate plain paper
  • an envelope
  • a stamp
  • and patience !

This is a great opportunity for children to learn about letter writing.

The length and formality of the letter will depend on the age of the child.

Young children might simply write:-

"Dear Santa,

Please can I have a dolls house / football for Christmas?

Happy Christmas,



It then may be appropriate to draw a picture of what they would like, to make sure that Santa gets the right colour/style/design.

Older children can write a longer letter, remembering to put their own address at the top of the letter and, if appropriate, a return address on the back of the envelope.

A typical letter might be:-

"Dear Santa,

I hope that you think I've been good this year.  I do enjoy the Christmas stockings and presents you bring.

How are you ?  I hope that the reindeer have been behaving and there hasn't been too much snow at the North Pole this year.

Here is my list of what I would like this Christmas:-

barbie doll, dolls house, dressing up outfit

Mum says she will leave cookies and milk out for you again this year,

Lots of love,


If you're not sure what to write, follow this simple format:-

  1. Say something about yourself (have you been good, done anything special this year, do you have a new friend or teacher?)
  2. Ask Santa a question about himself, the elves, the reindeer or where he lives
  3. Let Santa know what you would like for Christmas - just one or two things on your list
  4. Say something nice or kind to Santa -write a thank you for your presents last year.  Let him know if you will leave out some reindeer food or something for Santa on his journey
  5. Say goodbye and write or sign your name!

That could help making writing a letter easier for you or your child.

Recommended Resources

Free printable letters from Santa Claus - not sure whether Santa and the elves will have time to reply to your little one?  Download and use these templates.