Write Your Letter To Santa Claus

Want to write to Santa, but not sure what to say? 

Here's a few simple tips for writing a short, but effective letter, to Santa this holiday season:-

  1. Get a nice clean sheet of paper (or two) and a pen or pencil that you enjoy writing with
  2. Remember to say hello and ask how he's feeling - he's probably pretty busy, so showing interest in how his Christmas is going is a nice touch
  3. Tell him your news - don't forget he's been busy so may not know the special things you & your best friend have been up to, so make sure to tell him
  4. Ask him for one or two gifts - if you can't think of any presents that you want, ask mom & dad for some ideas. 
  5. Tell him how excited you are & what's best about looking forward to Christmas.  Do you like the Christmas tree, dinner or opening presents most?
  6. Say goodbye - don't forget to wish Santa well, and hope that the reindeer behave themselves for the sleigh ride!
  7. Sign your name
  8. Write out an envelope for your letter - addressed to Santa c/o The North Pole (he may have a different address depending on what country you live in, ask your parents to help)
  9. Pop a stamp on the letter and mail it in the post box
  10. Wait patiently for your reply

If it's close to Christmas, Santa may be too busy to reply, but you can be confident that your letter will arrive and your wish lists added to Santas list!

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