Sample Santa Letters from Lapland

Offering free Santa letter samples and text to adapt and personalise

for your child this Christmas-time.

Need something different for kids of different ages, or just a different letter so older kids won't "sus" out the big secret?

Just download a sample, which will give you a framework of text to work with, and then create personalized letters for each of your children.

In addition to the Santa letters to print we offer some sample texts so that you can adapt and change them for your child, personalise them and then print them out on Christmas or holiday headed paper. 

If you don't have any of this, you can easily find a festive holiday background that you can copy in by searching on Google.

You can use the sample letters below to copy and paste into a word processing program, such as Word, and then print them out yourself.

Sample Santa Letters - Sample One - a straight forward and simple text for you to change and personalize for your kid 

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