Download A Printable Letter from Santa

Get free letters from Santa to print for your child this holiday - just check

out our free printable or sample letters pages.

If you're concerned that Santa's letter may not reach your child in time this holiday season you can pay a small fee and download a letter from him here and also make it truly personalized and special for your child.

Just check out this link below for an instant result:-

Personalized Santa Letters

Creating a personalised letter to your child is the key - surprising them with just how much Santa knows about their lives and what they've been up to in the past year. Light up their faces with a special letter just addressed to them!

Of course you can add your own words in to the free printable letters or arrange for one to be sent in the post as a special surprise for a good little boy or girl.

Print out at home on plain or specially printed paper and wait for their joy and smile as they open & read it.