Printable Santa Wish List

Writing your Christmas gift wish list is one of the best fun things to do! 

Kids love writing a wish list for Santa, just as adults love creating their own wish lists on Amazon or other online stores.

We've created a printable Santa wish list for your to download or print.  It's simple, easy & fun!

Your kids will love dreaming up what they'd like to get in their Christmas stockings or unwrap under the tree this holiday season - and will have even more fun writing it down and sending it to Santa.

Santa loves receiving mail from all the kids in the weeks before Christmas Day.

You can download your Wishlist by clicking on the links below:-

Santa Wish List 1

Santa Wish List 2

Santa Wish List 3 

The first two look best when printed in colour, the final one looks great in colour or black & white.

What's on your wishlist this year?