Santa Letter Template

Easy to follow template gives you ideas of what to write to Santa Claus . 

There's really just five parts to writing a good letter to anyone, but here's a few simple things to include in your letter to Santa:-


You can write "Dear Santa" or "To Santa Claus" - if your teacher has shown you how to write a letter, make sure that you listen to what they say.

Ask A Question

Ask how the reindeer are, how Santa has been this year, has he gone on holiday, are the elves very busy making & wrapping presents. 

Tell Him Your News

How are you - what has happened that's exciting this year?  Tell him the name of your best friend, your new dog, your new school or a new home - or something else that's happened since last Christmas. 

Ask Nicely For A Gift

Don't include a massive list - unless it's lots of really small presents.  Just ask for one or two things - don't even ask for both.  For example, "please could you bring me a doll or a fire engine". 

Say Thanks & Goodbye

Don't forget this all important part - say thank you and wish Santa and his reindeer a good trip on Christmas eve.

Of course, you can add in any other information, but remember that there's going to be lots of letters arriving in Santas post sack, so try and keep it brief and interesting.