Christmas List

Outgrown writing letters to Santa - but wanna create a list ?

For teens and adults, it can be far cooler to create an online gift list, in much the same way as you create a wedding gift list, only different!

You can either set up your own blog at, add it to your social network site (e.g. Facebook), add it to your Twitter account - the ideas are almost endless!

All you need to do then is email friends and relatives, or send a link to your blog, Facebook or Twitter account.

If you want to create a list as you think of things - why not create a working list on your iPhone or notebook?  That way when grandma or grandad phone up and ask what you want, you can just grab your phone or notebook and let them know.

Another way to ensure that all your friends know what you're longing to receive is to pop a "top 10" list up on your favorite social networking site, such as Facebook.  It could be a fun or silly list, or perfectly serious. 

Several online sites allow you to create a "wishlist", for example, Amazon.  Why not share this or send a link to those you know who will be wanting ideas of what gift they can buy for you this yeaer.

Or how about changing your profile pic to the one thing you're hoping for - or do a montage of you with it already.  For example, if you'd love a shopping trip to Paris, create a montage of you with the Eiffel tower in the background.

Whatever you're wanting - get creative this year in the way that you communicate it, have fun and wait expectantly!